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Nearly a century of family history is at the core of Lafont.  Far from the world of licensed-brand names and mass-market products, Lafont is a top designer in unique, hand crafted fashionable frames.  Steeped in tradition and optical expertise the brand offers a true optical fashion house robust with exceptional designs.  Taking inspiration from the city of Paris Lafont frames are elegant, refined and above all chic. Deep rooted in Lafont’s DNA is the philosophy: A frame is a frame, but the color is what makes the true difference.  Whether they know their style, or are searching for a new expression, a person will always discover the right frames in the atmosphere that is Lafont style.

Lafont Dinard Sun
Lafont Dinard Sun
Style: Dinard  Must Have!  More Colors?
Lafont Chut Spring 2019
Lafont Chut Spring 2019
Style: Chut  Must Have!  More Colors?
Lafont Decor Spring 2019
Lafont Decor Spring 2019
Style: Decor  Must Have!  More Colors?
Lafont Delta Spring 2019
Lafont Delta Spring 2019
Style: Delta  Must Have!  More Colors?
Lafont Trianon
Lafont Trianon
Style: Trianon  Must Have!  More Colors?

Lafont Tatiana

Style: Tatiana  Must Have!  More Colors?

Lafont Concerto

Style: Concerto  Must Have!  More Colors?

Lafont Aura

Style: Aura  Must Have!  More Colors?

Lafont Tarentelle

Style: Tarentelle  Must Have!  More Colors?

Learn more about Lafont here.



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