Lindsay Luker

Dr. Lindsay Luker has been gratefully practicing optometry since 2005, when she graduated ‘magna cum laude’ from the Illinois College of Optometry. Her Bachelor of Arts was received from Illinois Wesleyan University in 2001. Both institutes gave her numerous honorary and academic awards for her dedication to her studies and involvement in various programs.

She also holds and applies a 500-hour yoga instructor certification via her studies with School Yoga Institute (2012) and Rishikesh Yog Peeth (India, 2015). Lindsay enjoys blending her knowledge in the medical sciences, the ancient philosophies of yoga, her understanding of human health, and her awe of life. Overall well-being is her priority in her patient care. Via full scope optometry, she treats each patient with utmost care and attention to create comfortable vision, healthy eyes, and a content quality of life. She firmly believes ‘there is always a solution; together, we can find it.’

One can see Lindsay for annual eye exams, children’s exams, dry eye treatment, allergies, foreign body removal, or just to visit! She particularly enjoys fitting contact lenses…for everyday wear, sports, special events, post surgery, and (one of her passions) multifocal contacts.

what do you do when you are not in the exam room?  -you can likely find me enjoying a cup of tea, stand-up paddle boarding, instructing and practicing yoga, riding my bike, making jewelry, cooking, or hanging out with my loved ones.

What is your top eye health tip? Eat your fruits and veggies – a lot of them!  The orange ones will sharpen you night vision and keep cataracts from developing too early.  The green ones will maintain your sharp central vision and keep your color vision vivid

What is your favorite dry eye tip?  Drink water, and then drink some more.  Also – clean your eyes! We wash our face, brush our teeth…we can clean the eyes too! this greatly increases eye comfort, enhances the contact lens experience, and aids in dry eye relief. I always recommend products and show you to use them! (believe it or not, it is fun!)

What is your favorite eye joke?​  Eye jokes always make me stare in disbelief
that anyone thinks eye jokes are funny. however, this one made me smile and is very relevant:  Why did the phone wear glasses?……………It lost all its contacts.

You can find Dr. Lindsay Luker at our Dearborn location.  You can reach her via email:  You can also reach her by phone at 312-943-2020.