Your local EFP Experts are focused on finding you the perfect lens options to provide you with the best vision possible.  We will ask questions to learn about your personal and professional lifestyle to determine the most appropriate prescription lens choices.  We work hard to stay educated on the latest technologies, and how to fit them.  This gives us the ability to explain and compare your options, as well as address anything you would like to improve about your wearing experience.  Our certified and licensed Optometrists offer comprehensive eye examinations for you overall health, eyewear and contact lens prescriptions.

Dory Kenna - Optician

Carrie Roitstein, OD

Boyce Moffitt, ABOC

To learn more about each expert, simply click the images above.  Visit the Gold Coast location page for directions and more information by clicking here.  You can also schedule you annual eye exam online when you visit the page.