Dory Kenna 2
Dory Kenna has been working in the Hinsdale area Optical industry for 27 years. A proud mother of three boys, Dory started her optical career in 1991 at Family Vision Care in LaGrange,IL.  In 1995 she joined Eyeland of St. Johns in downtown Hinsdale which  later evolved into Spex. Dory’s passion as an Optician is building trusting relationships with her clients and enjoys seeing them over and over again.

How many glasses do you own? 12 (I’d have one for every outfit if I didn’t wear contact lenses!)

Favorite Lens:  Varilux Comfort 2 Progressive with Crizal Avance AR

Favorite Prescription Eyewear: LA Eyeworks Porter (fun and fabulous)

Favorite Sunglass: Lafont Vanda (just plain GORGEOUS)

Best Eyewear Selection Tips:  “Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone with your eyewear choice, trust your optician to guide you in selecting the best eyewear for you, and….if you wear glasses everyday, you should have as many pairs of glasses as you do shoes!”

Visit Dory at our Hinsdale location.  You can reach her by phone at 630-325-2020.  You can also email her at