Since the invention of wearable spectacles in the 1200’s, round has been one of the most iconic shapes in eyewear.   Worn by some of the most important figures in our history, we all remember the round glasses on Ben Franklin, Theodore Roosevelt, and most recently Steve Jobs.  The masters of the design and architecture world such as LeCorbusier and IM Pei elevated the importance of the shape by making it part of their signature look.  As a result, we often associate intellect and creativity with round shaped eyewear.

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Wearing a round frame is not for everyone.  People with very angular face shapes wear them the best, and they are always a good choice for people with higher prescriptions.  Finding a round shape that makes more of a statement is an easy way to add it to anyone’s wardrobe.  This season, eyewear designers have introduced shapes that are “roundish.”  These shapes often include one flattened edge, or are stretched to create the feeling of oval or even square.  These shapes are often more wearable for individuals, and offer a unique touch that is sure to create a conversation.

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Learn more about the collections at EFP Opticians here.  Roundish frames pictured above are from l.a. Eyeworks, Bruno Chaussignand, Lindberg, Lafont and FHOne.

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