We are celebrating revolutionary French eyewear design at EFP Opticians this July.  What better day to start than Bastille Day!

France has always been know for some of the most innovative and fashion forward eyewear designs.  The influence begins as far back as the 1800’s with the invention of a lorgnette that featured a spring bridge allowing them to be folded.  This was followed by the invention of the pince-nez which were made popular in the United States by prominent political figures of the time like Pres. Teddy Roosevelt.  As styles developed, French designers were always on the forefront of fashion trends in clothing and accessories.  Eyewear was considered one of the most important accessories.  In fact, the iconic sunglasses worn by Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis were almost exclusively French designers.

lafont logo

In 1923,  Louis Lafont opened a small boutique which featured both hearing aids and spectacles.  The family tradition was elevated by his grandson, Philippe and his Parisian fashion designer wife, Laurence.  Together they transformed spectacles into genuine fashion accessories often collaborating with major fashion houses such as Chanel.  For over 90 years, Lafont has defined classically inspired eyewear with a flair.    You can view Lafont at both our locations.  On Thursday, July 20th you can see the entire collection at our Hinsdale location from 4pm – 7pm.  Click here for more details.


Vaurnet has been one of the most recognized names in sunwear since being chosen as the offical sponsor of the Los Angeles Summer Olympics in 1984.  The namesake of this iconic collection is Olympic champion alpine skier Jean Vuarnet who grew up in the mountainous region of Morzine, France.  Jean Vuarnet obviously had a passion for new technology being the first to win an Olympic event on metal skies vs. traditional wooden ones.  In 1957, the Skilynx lens design was born, and worn by Vuarnet as he took the gold in the 1960 Winter Games.   In 1960, an optician and lens designer created Vuarnet the company, and immediately became one of them most popular among winter sports fanatics.  Featuring exclusively mineral glass lenses in both prescription and non-prescription lenses, Vuarnet is one of the only brands protects from UV, Blue and infared light.   Join us at both of our locations to view the entire Vuarnet collection July 14 – 16th.  Click here to learn more about these exclusive trunk shows at our Hinsdale and Dearborn locations.


Bruno Chaussignand launched his eyewear collection in 2004 with invention of a pair of glasses with no nose bridge.  Involved in the optical industry from the early age of 15, Bruno’s use of materials and attention to detail make his collection both unique and classic design.  “A spectacle frame is a product of pure design,”says Mr. Chaussignand.  “It should be practical, aesthetically attractive and tasteful; their shapes should have a beauty that will enrich the lives of their wearers.”  Manufactured by hand and polished over three consecutive days, these frames are truly a work of art.  Available at our Dearborn locations.  Join us on Wednesday, July 19th to view the entire collection.  Click here for more details.  



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