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The Aviator shape remains one of the most iconic in eyewear fashion today.  A distinctly American style, the Aviator shape has come to represent heritage, strength and style.  It was created in the 1930’s to protect pilots from the harmful sun rays during flight.  General MacArthur made the Aviator part of his military wardrobe during WWII, and it is still standard military issue today.  In the 1970’s, Gloria Steinem solidified the Aviator shape’s place in the fashion world proving that it could be worn by women as well as men.  Wearing the shape with fashion tinted lenses, Gloria’s influence is still visible in the styles available today.  The popularity was reignited with the release of Top Gun in 1986.

Today Aviators are available in traditional and motified shapes in various sizes.  Lenses are available in the original G15 green grey coloring as well as fashion and mirrored tints.  The shape is a must have in everyone’s sunwear wardrobe.  EFP Opticians offers many styles from Maui Jim, Vuarnet, Alexander McQueen, Lindberg, and many more.  Stop in today and let us help you find the right Aviator shape for you.

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